About Us

Mhammed Messate (HAMMI) :Owner of Road To Morocco Tours.

Hammi was born and raised in Morocco to a Berber family of nomads,travelling throughout most of Southern Morocco before settling in the town of Erfoud. Hammi is a graduate of Moulay Ismail University with a bachelors degree in Humanities. He has worked in the tourism industry since his childhood helping his father guide tourists to a variety of destinations throughout Morocco. Because of his passion for tourism he started Road To Morocco Tours employing family and friends. In 2008, Hammi moved to the United States of America and now a US citizen, residing between both countries.

Hmad El Baz: Driver and Tour Guide.

Hmad or Ahmed is Hammi's youngest uncle. He was born and raised in the desert of Merzouga. Ahmed started working in the tourism industry at an early age by taking tourists on camels to wander through the high sand dunes of Merzouga. Ahmed is a funny and an entertaining guide and driver. He lived for a short period in France but his passion and love for the desert made him return to Morocco to do what he enjoys the most. Ahmed speaks Berber (Tamazight), Arabic, French, Italian and Spanish.

Said: Driver and Tour Guide

Said was Born and raised in the Village of Merzouga. He started working in the domain of tourism and hospitality since he was 13 years old. He is very passionate about sharing his Berber culture with the others. He graduated from Moulayismail University with a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities. Said speaks English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Berber, and German.